"David Dean Bottrell is an actor of enormous depth, intelligence, and originality. Anyone would benefit from studying with him."
-- Nikki Valko, Casting Director
("Two & A Half Men," "Big Bang Theory," "Mike & Molly")

Taught by David Dean Bottrell
Taught by David Dean Bottrell ("Mad Men," "Justified," "True Blood," “Criminal Minds,” "Boston Legal")  A fast-moving and very practical scene study class taught by a working actor, focusing on the 4 major skill sets every actor must master in order to audition well and then perform confidently on set. The 4th class of each session is entirely ON-CAMERA. 
If you are interested, please contact:

All classes meet once a week (on a weeknight) in Hollywood from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM. 
The class runs on a 4-week cycle. 
It is a scene study class with a specific emphasis on developing a strong skill set. 

New Students: $225.00 / Returning Students: $200.00 

All Students work in every class.
The 4th class of each month is entirely on-camera.
Any returning student who refers a new student to me gets a one-time only $25.00 reduction of their monthly fee.
Hollywood location near Santa Monica Blvd. and LaBrea.

Contact for phone interview.
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Thanks! I look forward to working with you!


“David takes that ethereal HOW of acting and replaces it with a tangible solid base to work from.... I find his classes to be an unpretentious, honest place to do good work!” --Garland Whitt (“CSI: Los Angeles,” “Justified”)

“David's class utilizes real-world skills that are practical for the television and film business. His approach has greatly helped me with my work as an actor.” -- Paul Clausen (“Castle,” “ Private Practice,” “The Mentalist”)

“I HIGHLY recommend David’s class. He’s the best in town. I use his techniques for every audition and job I book! Thank you, DDB!”
--Carlease Burke (“Shameless,” “Hot in Cleveland”)

"David encourages us to step out of ourselves and become our characters, enjoy being someone else for a little while and really listen to our scene partner. david's enthusiasm and passion is contagious and renews your own dedication to the wonderful world of acting.. he is humble, unassuming and non judgmental. there are no "wrongs" in David's class." -- Tina D’Marco ("Red Tails," "Modern Family")
"David's great instincts as an actor himself only makes him a better, more compassionate teacher. His approach to teaching and his direction is clear, specific and actually useful - all the way from the audition onto the set. Now i'm having fun and working again and again!!! Thanks so much DDB". -- Nelson Ascencio ("Mad TV", "Hunger Games", "Hunger Games: Catching Fire")

"David's a great teacher because he treats his students as professionals from day one." -- Robert Kugler

"David is a breath of fresh air. A working actor with no ego or bitterness, he is encouraging and passes on his confidence and insight from the frontlines in front of the camera and behind. Anyone who chooses to study with him will benefit from his experience and enthusiasm." -- John Patterson

"David does a great job of giving an actor a concise usable "system" that can be applied to any audition or role...He focuses on what's "playable" by an actor, and eliminates a lot of the confusion when first approaching a scene...." -- Eddie Alfano ("Vegas," "Bones")

"David teaches with specificity, honesty, and great insight, particularly because of his knowledge as a working actor and a creative behind-the-scenes. He knows what works. He is also compassionate, respectful, and great fun to work with. This is a wonderful opportunity to hone your skills with someone who knows what he's talking about." -- Jonathan Gibson

"David's class was just the pick-me-up I needed to jumpstart my acting career. His direction is insightful and studying the craft of acting with him is a joy. David is a breath of fresh air in a city that often stinks!" -- Jamie Liles

"Best acting class in town." - Scot Henderson Jones 

“David shares his genuine and realistic approach with a high level of expertise and know-how.  Studying with David would be an invaluable asset for any actor.”
-- Scott David, Casting Director ("Criminal Minds")

 “Actors - do not miss an opportunity to take class with DDB.  Three of my clients have and their booking rates skyrocketed.  He's the best!”
-- Neil Hassman, Talent Manager

 “David's experience in front of and behind the camera gives him a unique perspective to share with his students.  I highly recommend him.” 
--Deborah Barylski, Casting Director ("Arrested Development," "The Middle")

“David’s skill with actors is as amazing as his ability to craft scenes that makes you laugh hysterically one moment and cry the next.

-- Barbara Beckley, Artistic Director, The Colony Theatre
“After knowing David for three decades, I am constantly impressed and inspired by his commitment to growth as an artist. His understanding that we have within us, at any and all stages, the capacity to evolve makes him particularly suited to guide and enrich the experience of young people." 
-- Sharon Lawrence, 3-Time Emmy-Nominated Actor

“David has the rare ability to find the human heartbeat under virtually any kind of material.  His direction is always joyful, free of ego and scarily on the money.” 
– Jim Fall, Film & Stage Director (“The Lizzie McGuire Movie,” “Trick”)

“David’s work with our students has been incredibly valuable. He is an entire creative team (actor, director, writer) all bundled into one magnificent package!”
-- Theresa Hayes, Dean of Instruction, American Academy of Dramatic Arts
Excerpt from a recent interview:

“In my opinion, there are four major skills sets that every professional actor must master in order to shine in an audition and then perform well on a set. They are surprisingly simple, but do require some practice… Whatever 'technique’ you study, it should never feel like a straitjacket.  It should free you up, help you generate ideas and reconnect you to your talent... The journey of any actor, famous or not, is to step outside yourself; to live somebody else's life for a few minutes and to do that as truthfully as you can.  This is a fantastically creative business filled with people who are really stretching; really working to be better actors.  Each of us is a unique vessel filled with our own personal experiences, memories, opinions and daydreams and sometimes our journey is about discovering what those elements are and how to best make them serve you.  Bottom line: there are only two things that will ultimately sell you as an artist: The quality of your imagination and your ability to access it… No matter where you are on your path, you can always deepen your understanding and love of the craft. You can always get better." -- DDB

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